Thursday, January 15, 2015

Moving in: Fayetteville/Elkins

We finally arrived at our new home 2363 Stonecrest Drive in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  If you come to visit you may find it a little confusing since our house is in the city limits of Elkins but we have a Fayetteville mailing address.  I'm sure there's a perfectly logical and necessary reason for the discrepancy.  Yes, I'm quite sure there is.  

It's been a very busy but successful few days.  We arrived on Sunday, looked at houses for rent on Monday, chose the first one we saw and got the keys on Tuesday morning.    The first two shipping containers with our belongings were delivered on Tuesday afternoon and the last two came on Wednesday.  Most of the items arrived in good shape.  The only casualty was a broken bookshelf that will need to be replaced.  As I write this, on Thursday evening, all the items are in the house but we are still surrounded by many boxes waiting to be opened.  

We're on a quiet street that should be an excellent place for walking.  The spacious back yard is a bonus that our granddaughter, Ada, will surely enjoy. 

I was pleased to discover a small city park nearby.  I anticipate it will be come a favorite place for picnics and other family outings.  The White River, one of the most popular fishing and recreation destinations in the Ozarks, runs beside it.  

There was one final discovery in these first few days that was particularly interesting.  On the road to the park is a picturesque white frame church.  The architecture is reminiscent of a much earlier time.  I stopped to take a picture and couldn't help but smile at the sign just outside.  Given my experience with two of the three denominations listed, I'm inclined to visit and learn more about this interesting fellowship of Christians.  This coming Sunday is the third Sunday so it looks like my Baptist family will be leading.  But I'm just as eager to meet the Presbyterians and Methodists.  


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