Sunday, February 8, 2015

Oklahoma City Weekend

February 4, 2015

We recently spent an enjoyable weekend in Oklahoma City with Lanny and Debbie Neal, friends I have known since college. Lanny was kind enough to trust me to drive his 1973 Corvette along historic Route 66.  We stopped for a quick photo beside one of the iconic road signs.  It was a quick stop because, even though the sky was blue and the sun was bright it was windy and cold.  It sure was a fun ride.  Might have to ask Lynn if I can buy one someday.  I'll let you know what she says.

Since it was such a cold day we spent most of the weekend inside - in their house and in restaurants.  It's good to have options when the weather isn't cooperating.  We did make it to downtown which has been transformed since the last time I was there by a revitalization project that could be the envy of any city in the country.  If you're from Seattle, like me, you'll notice the Oklahoma Thunder sign proudly celebrating their "theft" of the Sonics.

Basketball regrets aside, I was quite surprised to see an outdoor ice skating rink - I told you it was cold.

Nearby is their minor league baseball park where the Oklahoma Dodgers will be cracking the bats later this year.  Lynn and I loved going to Safeco Field in Seattle to see the Mariners and will have to drive a little farther now to see our favorite sport.  I'm sure we'll catch a few games here this season.

In addition to the sporting venues there are parks, an arboretum, and summer concert venues.  Definitely worth a return visit.

Another place that's worth a return visit is Nic's Grill - as soon as my digestive system recovers.  Lanny is a fan of the show Diners, Dives, and Drive Ins and Nic's has been featured on the show.  It certainly lived up to expectations.  Seating is limited so you'll have to plan to wait even for an early lunch on Monday, which is when we "dined" there.  I think the pictures below speak quite effectively.  The counter is about three feet from the grill so diners have a front row seat to the preparation of their burgers.  Lunch was a no-holds-barred gastronomic event that day.  Dinner was light, to the point of non-existence.  I'm not sure what Lynn things but I'm looking forward to another burger. Maybe I'll just split one with someone next time though.

This was also Super Bowl weekend so maybe I was consoling myself for the Seahawk's loss by driving fast cars and indulging in the guilty pleasure of one of Nic's burgers.

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