Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chicago to Branson

January 10, 2015

Grand Victorian Hotel - Branson, Missouri
Our plans for today were to drive from Chicago to St. Louis.  However, once we got on the road and were making good time driving past the frozen cornfields of Illinois, we decided to keep driving and spend the night in Branson, Missouri.  January 10 is Lynn's birthday and Branson is a place we have often enjoyed so it was a perfect destination.  An added bonus is that I could tell her that it was my plan all along - to take her to Branson for her birthday!  Please don't tell her otherwise.  
It's even cold in the South.  This was near the Grand Victorian Hotel.
We didn't take many pictures this day but did get a couple of photos of our car as we finally washed off the grit and grime we had accumulated from the time we crossed the Cascades in Washington.  There was a lot of American soil on that car.

Lynn managed to take a few pictures as we passed through St. Louis.  We often spent the night there on our trips to Chicago to see Lynn's sister and her family when Brian and Laura were young.  We even took the little cars (and I do mean little!) inside the Arch to the top where there is a viewing area with a great view of St. Louis and the Mississippi River.  If you ever make that short and very cramped trip be prepared for some swaying at the top.
While we didn't take many pictures along the way on this day we did take a few memorable ones in Chicago.  Here's one of our favorite scenes.  We think the reunion of these two young ladies was worth a cross-country road trip in the middle of winter.  

Lynn and Ada Lyn

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